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CNW, Milw, RI, UP Interline Dining & Lounge Cars in Interline SP Psgr Trains
Jeffrey Cauthen, Donald Munger
Union Terminal Publications
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2018-02-28 00:00:00
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Chicago & North Western, Milwaukee Road, Rock Island , and Union Pacific Interline Dining & Lounge Cars in


by Jeffrey Cauthen, Donald Munger.

Hardcover horizontal format, 11x8.5", 208 pages, 265 photos incl. 30 color, 59 plans, rosters, appendix, bibliography, glossary, index. 2018.

"Authors Cauthen and Munger, with credits to their names in all matters Southern Pacific passenger equipment, have prepared this companion volume to the previous Southern Pacific Passenger Car series. Here you'll find detailed the dining and lounge cars of the C&NW, Milwaukee, Rock Island, and Union Pacific used in the jointly operated trains on the Overland and Golden State Routes An Addendum covers the arch roof dining cars operated by the Western Pacific.

"This volume is a must-have for passenger car and train aficionados as well as western road historians and modelers."

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