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Hulett Unloader DVD revised
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2014-07-01 17:07:51
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The Hulett Unloader

Great Lakes Classic DVD

Eric Hirsimaki.

Color DVD, 50 minutes. 2014.

"If you can imagine riding on a dinosaur's head while he's feeding, you can imagine how it feels to operate a Hulett.

"In repose, this monster is the ugliest, ungainliest machine ever made. In action, it's sheer poetry." - William Donohue Ellis, The Cuyahoga (1966)

"There is only one DVD offered on this website, and it is here because there are no books about the subject matter.

"Hulett unloading machines were used at many ports on the Great Lakes to empty commodities boats. This video has both action and history on these amazing technological wonders. the revised version offered here is 50 minutes long. "Built in 1911 on the Pennsylvania Railway Ore Dock, this clevaland site was the largest ore-unloading dock on the Great Lakes. The dock featured four Hulett Unloaders with bucket capacities of 17 tons, and a one-million ton ore storage yard.

"The huge hydraulic unloaders were invented and developed by Clevelander George Hulett during the late 1890s, and revolutionized the handling of iron ore by reducing labor costs and drastically improving unloading times (unloading was previously done by hand using shovels and wheelbarrows). By 1913, 45 Hulett unloaders were in use at almost every port on Lake Erie. They quickly overtook the industry and led to the creation of larger ships that were specially designed to accommodate the Huletts."

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