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Evolution of American Diesel Locomotive
J. Parker Lamb
Indiana U Press
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2007-06-01 20:39:37
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Evolution of the American Diesel Locomotive

By J. Parker Lamb.

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Cloth with dust jacket, 200 pages, 160 b&w photos, 15 figures, 8.5x11.

"A comprehensive narrative of the development of the American diesel locomotive.

""Lamb's book is . . . an important contribution to railroad technological history. The book's strength is the author's mastery of the mechanical details, which he presents in a straightforward style." —Mark Reutter, editor of Railroad History

"The diesel locomotive sent shock waves through rigid corporate cultures and staid government regulators. For some, the new technology promised to be a source of enormous profits; for others, the railroad industry seemed a threat to their very livelihoods. Evolution of the American Diesel Locomotive introduces the reader to the important technological advances that gave rise to diesel engines, examining not only their impact on locomotive design, but also their impact on the economic and social landscapes. J. Parker Lamb describes the development of these technologies, allowing the reader to fully understand how they were integrated and formed a commercially successful locomotive. Like its companion volume, Perfecting the American Steam Locomotive, this book emphasizes the role of the leading engineers whose innovations paved the way for critical breakthroughs. Rail fans will appreciate this authoritative work.

" J. Parker Lamb retired in 2001, after a 42-year career as a practicing engineer and university instructor, to pursue his life-long interest in the history of American technology with an emphasis on railroad developments. He has authored four books, including Perfecting the American Steam Locomotive (IUP, 2003). He lives in Austin, Texas.

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