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Federal Role in Urban Mass Transportation
George M Smerk
Indiana U Press
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2004-09-23 22:08:47
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The Federal Role in Urban Mass Transportation

by George E. Smerk

6x9", 391 pages, cloth with dust jacket, signed copies.

"George Smerk's important book is a must for anyone interested in the plight of our cities and the efforts being made to solve our transportation problems. Smerk shows how mass transportation was a principal force in the evolution of the nation's cities from the 1880s and how, by 1900, it was one of America's major industries.

"The eminent position held by the railroads in the early 1900s did not last. Competition from the automobile and the strong desire for suburban living were forces at odds with the strengths of mass transportation and caused the transit industry to stumble badly beginning in the 1920s. The industry's inherent weaknesses, coupled with the federal policies which favored highways (and thus the automobile), helped to create the urban sprawl and traffic congestion that are among the most persistent burdens facing modern American life."