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Baltimore Harbor Pictorial
Robert C. Keith
Johns Hopkins U Press
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2006-04-10 21:40:10
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Baltimore Harbor: A Pictorial History

by Robert C. Keith

third edition, paperback, 240 pages, 216 halftones, 13 line drawings

"This newly revised and expanded edition of Baltimore Harbor provides a lively, heavily illustrated history of a vital American port that connects the Chesapeake Bay with the rest of the world.

Using photographs, historic illustrations, and stories, Robert Keith traces the harbor's fascinating history. An ideal hub for the bay's network of paddlewheel steamers, the working port grew quickly alongside the shipbuilding industry at Fells Point and Federal Hill. This growth continued as the nation's first public carrier railroad, the Baltimore and Ohio, linked the wharves of the Patapsco River with the coal fields of Appalachia and the towns and farms of the Midwest.

Today Baltimore harbor is better known for trendy shops than container ships. Tourists strolling the sidewalks of Harborplace are probably unaware of the port's colorful past—and its important role in contemporary maritime commerce. Keith's book connects the harbor's vibrant present with its storied, equally energetic past."


"For those of us who know the harbor from the rail of the Patriot or the walks around Federal Hill, this volume is indispensable and long overdue . . . There are indeed plenty of excellent photos, an effective blend of old, not-so-old, and new pictures showing all the fingers of the Patapsco. It is also a well-composed history, documented by dates and facts, of the wrecks, fires, maritime successes, and mishaps that are so often recalled, but too often forgotten . . . (the detailed maps) are the best collection I've ever seen of the Patapsco."—Jacques Kelly, reviewing a previous edition