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Dow's Dictionary of Rwy Quotations
compiled and edited by Andrew Dow
Johns Hopkins U Press
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2006-03-16 09:43:26
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Dow's Dictionary of Railway Quotations

compiled and edited by Andrew Dow

384 pages

"Dow's Dictionary of Railway Quotations is an authoritative compendium of quotations about railways from 1608 to the present day. More than 3,400 entries are drawn from over 1,300 writers and speakers and a wide range of original sources both British and American—Acts of Parliament, poetry, songs, journals, advertisements, obituaries, novels, histories, plays, films, office memoranda, speeches, newspapers, television and radio broadcasts, and private documents and conversations.

"Here Andrew Dow records remarkable, memorable words—from the well-known to the abstruse, from the commonplace to the vital. The selected quotations are arranged by subject matter and searchable by speaker, subject, and keyword.

"Dow's Dictionary will inform and captivate railway enthusiasts along with readers interested in railway architecture, engineering, geography, and history."

"How we ever managed to understand the depth and breadth of railways before this book came along I'll never know. I recommend it to all who love railways—and even those who don't."--Sir William McAlpine, Bt.

"An enduring tribute to the railway authors of the past and to the men who so gallantly operated the trains."--John H. White, Jr., former curator of transportation, National Museum of American History, author of The American Railroad Passenger Car; The American Railroad Freight Car; and American Locomotives.

"Andrew Dow was born into a railway family in Hitchin, England, where his parents worked at the wartime headquarters of the London & North Eastern Railway. He spent thirty years in the aviation industry before being appointed Head of the National Railway Museum in York in 1992. He is the author of Norfolk & Western Coal Cars (TLC, 1998) and Telling the Passenger Where to Get Off (Capital Transport, 2005). He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, president of the Stephenson Locomotive Society, and vice chairman of the Gresley Society."

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