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Workin' on the Railroad
Richard Reinhardt
Oklahoma U Press
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2006-03-28 16:50:35
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Workin’ on the Railroad
Reminiscences from the Age of Steam

By Richard Reinhardt

Paperback, 336 pages, 9.2 x 6", 72 line drawings.

“The mighty railroad occupied the undisputed center of American public life. The railroad founded cities, populated states, created governments, destroyed the wilderness. It was the great speculator, the political tyrant, the recruiter of immigrants, the opener of new lands, the cynosure of poets and pioneers, the symbol of adventure, opportunity, escape, and power. . . . Yet, the railroad man, for all his historic importance, his archetypal stature, and his economic power, has achieved only a minor position in American literature.”--from Workin’ on the Railroad

In Workin’ on the Railroad, Richard Reinhardt presents firsthand accounts from engineers, brakemen, porters, conductors, section men, roundhouse workers, switchmen, telegraphers, surveyors, and other neglected pioneers who worked the railroad during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the Age of Steam.

“A great pleasure to read, a lively and highly informative look into a great and vanished world, told in the words of the people who ran that world. . . . This was a complex civilization, and a strangely forgotten one. . . . I know of no other book that offers so authoritative and accessible an account of the significance of the American railroad.”--Richard F. Snow, editor-in-chief of American Heritage magazine

Richard Reinhardt is the author of Treasure Island: San Francisco’s Exposition Years and The Ashes of Smyrna: A Novel of the Near East.