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Boomer The: Story of the Rails
Harry Bedwell
Minnesota U Press
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2007-05-03 10:35:31
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The Boomer

A Story of the Rails

By Harry Bedwell with an introduction by James D. Porterfield.

Softcover, 336 pages, 5x7.5.

"The golden age of American railroading brought to life with legendary Eddie Sand.

"Eddie Sand is railroading with a capital R. A “boomer,” Eddie travels the country making a living as a telegraph operator wherever he finds himself. Never content to sit behind a desk or undertake “the upkeep of a blonde,” Eddie’s courage, restlessness, and cunning lead him to high adventure.

"Harry Bedwell’s The Boomer portrays an elite fraternity of railroad men—men who were driven by one of the defining elements of the American character: a desire to wander. They were the glamour and glory of railroading, and no one was better equipped to tell their story than Bedwell. He reveals the behind-the-scenes battles that were fought to keep the trains running. This edition also includes a glossary of railroad slang and a bibliography of Bedwell’s work.

Originally published in 1942, Harry Bedwell’s The Boomer is widely considered the best railroad novel ever written.

“An exciting yarn in sinewy prose . . . it has almost everything except sound effects.” —New York Herald Tribune

“A light, entertaining saga that any fan of “traditional” railroading will enjoy.” —Railfan and Railroad Magazine

Harry Bedwell (1888–1955) is the author of more than sixty short stories. The Boomer is his only novel.

James D. Porterfield is the author of several books, including From the Dining Car: The Recipes and Stories behind Today’s Greatest Rail Dining Experiences."


Introduction by James D. Porterfield

The Boomer: A Story of the Rails

Postscript: About the War
Glossary of Railroad Terms and Slang
Publications by or about Harry Bedwell