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Piggyback & Containers Revised
David J. DeBoer
Golden West
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2007-11-03 16:08:50
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Piggyback & Containers

A History of Rail Intermodal on America's Steel Highway

By David J. DeBoer.

see also: Intermodal Railroading, Piggyback Color Guide Vol 2 and Piggyback Color Guide Volume 1

8.5x11.5", cloth with dust jacket, 208 pages, 200+ photos, illustrations, car drawings, documentary reproductions, charts bibliography, index.

Third printing, revised, a new chapter and new cover art.

"David DeBoer is a true intermodal transportation pioneer. He ran Southern Pacific's intermodal business when this new technology for moving freight was still called 'piggyback', and long before it became the fastest-growing line of the railroad business. In 'Piggyback and Containters' he shares his vast knowledge and understanding of intermodal transportation. This is a readable and informative work"--Lawrence H. Kaufman, Transportation consultant and former transportation editor for Business Week.

from the Introduction to the Third Printing

"...Intermodal [has] doubled in the fifteen-year period [since the first printing of this book in 1992]. It has also taken either first or second place in terms of revenue on every US railroad. What other part of the railroad business has done that in our lifetime?

"And...those running the business today...[will probably see it] double again in ten years - and the next - and the next.

"Railroad capacity - especially intermodal - will be challenged beyond current ability to fund that expansion. The greatest challenge, both for railroads and for ports, will be to develop capital sources to meet the demands for inceremental freight movement in the ensuing decades..."