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Spanning Washington Bridges
Craig Holstine & Richard Hobbs
Wash State U Press
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2006-01-02 17:05:53
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Untitled Document Spanning Washington: Historic Highway Bridges of the Evergreen State. by Craig Holstine and Richard Hobbs

Photographs, maps, notes, references, 10.5x9 softbound, 280 pages.

"Designed first and foremost to be practical, bridges are often breathtaking in their construction. Whether marvelous or mundane, they stand as feats of civilization, connecting people through time and aesthetics as well as space, and the historic structures that span the Evergreen State's highways are no exception. These technological wonders are extraordinary by any measure, yet their stories have remained largely unknown.

"Conceived by visionary engineers and built by anonymous skilled workmen, Washington's highway bridges are amazing triumphs of skill and play a significant role in the state's history. Several, at the time of their completion, attracted worldwide attention and the praise of professional engineers. Some garnered headlines around the globe. Others influenced the course of bridge engineering.

"In their quest to compile the first comprehensive history of the state's bridges, the authors pored through the extensive records at the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), collecting definitive documentation and photographic gems from across the state. The more than 100 illustrations and 60,000 words of informative text in this magnificent book represent the culmination of years of study by many individuals associated with WSDOT, which has supported this volume's publication."