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Not Only Passengers
Roy G. Benedict
Central Electric Railfans Asso
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2006-09-08 15:34:37
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Not Only Passengers

How the Electric Railways Carried Freight, Express and Baggage

By Roy G. Benedict.

Cloth with dust jacket, 8.5x11", 128 pages, index.

"Electric street and interurban railways carried mainlyshort-hall passengers. But freight, express, and baggage traffic gave them another way to participate in local commerce and bring in badly needed revenue. Unable to withstand competition from road-based transportation providers and the private automobile, many of these lines were abandoned before the end of the Great Depression.

"Profusely illustrated with nearly 200 photos, this informative book explains how traction lines handled non-passenger traffic such as coal, dairy products and package freight handling activities of the various electric railways in New York state. Reproductions of tickets, timetables and other related materials complete the coverage of this important, but often overlooked, aspect of the industry. A comprehensive index to companies, localities and commodities makes all the contents of the book readily accessible."