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Southern Pacific Historic Diesels Vol 13: EMD Early Turbo GP Locomotives
Joseph A. Strapac
Shade Tree Press
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2007-04-06 16:31:01
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Southern Pacific Historic Diesels, Volume 13

EMD Early Turbo GP Locomotives

By Joseph Strapac.

8.5x11" softcover, 128 pages, 271 photos and drawings, roster, etc. Color covers only; black-and-white inside.

"Southern Pacific Historic Diesels, Volume 13: EMD Early Turbo GP Locomotives" is the latest in the series, now in its 15th year.

"The fanciful cover of this volume illustrates an occasion that could have occurred - a matched set of SPSF-painted GP35 locomotives at milepost 550 in Timoteo Canyon on Beaumont Hill, returning ore empties to the Kaiser Railroad from the steel mill at Fontana. The art is by Ernie Tower."

table of contents:

1 Introduction
2 Cotton Belt and SP GP20 Locomotives
3 SP and Cotton Belt GP20R Locomotives
4 Cotton Belt and SP GP30 Units
5 Cotton Belt GP35 Locos
6 SP GP35 Locos - Original Numbers
7 SP GP35 Locos - New Numbers
8 Upgraded GP35R Locomotives
9 Cabless DD35 Locomotives
10 The Graduates"