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Woodstock and Sycamore Traction Company, The
William E. Robertson
Transportation Trails
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The Woodstock and Sycamore Traction Company


Softcover, 8.5x11, 5 maps, 35+ photos, 15+ diagrams and illustrations, 56 pages. 1985

Planned as a north-south interurban connecting link in Northern Illinois, the Woodstock and Sycamore Traction Company was considered to be one of the least successful interurban railroads ever built. A lack of funds prevented the company from ever reaching its intended northern destination at Woodstock, and the line never owned more than 27 miles of track.

"Although constructed in typical electric interurban railway fashion, and always considered to be part of the interurban industry, the Woodstock and Sycamore never had the money to electrify its track. Author William E. Robertson brings to life the story of a small and underfinanced railroad attempting to overcome one adversity after another. He spent seven years in researching this book including a substantial number of trips along the old right-of-way."