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Memoirs of Samuel Insull
Samuel Insull
Transportation Trails
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2005-02-12 13:11:06
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Autobiography; Edited and additional information by Larry Plachno. List price $39.95. 6x9 cloth with dust jacket, 320 pp, with 23 photographs plus an index and a list of additional Insull readings. "This is Samuel Insull's own autobiography as he himself dictated it. The basic text is taken from the typewritten manuscripts of 1934 which incorporates corrections to the basic dictation by Insull and his family. It has been minimally edited with chapters and subheadings. Interesting chapters cover Insull's early years in England, his years with Thomas Edison, the evolution of the electric utility business, the financial problems of the depression and his following trip to Europe. "Larry Plachno provides introductory and following sections to better explain the Insull story."