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Arkansas Valley Interurban
Robert Collins
South Platte Press
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2005-04-10 11:23:24
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List price $17.95. 60 pages, softcover. "It is a book well worth having for those interested in Kansas rail history, interurbans or just general history of the rail industry." -- "The Local" Newsletter, NRHS Kansas City chapter "'The Electric Way' is the story of the Arkansas Valley Interurban, an electric-powered railroad that served the plains of south-central kansas from 1910 to 1940. Connecting the major cities of Wichita, Newton and Hutchinson, the AVI was constructed in a short-lived era of great public optimism for the interurban railroad concept. The subsequent rise of the automobile age spelled a slow end to the AVI and its grand ambitions to move the masses. The Electric Way preserves in photos and text the fascinating story of when travel across Kansas was via wire over rails."