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Slow Trains Down South V1
Mallory Hope Ferrell
Hundman Pub
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2005-05-05 12:30:44
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Slow Trains Down South

Volume 1

by Mallory Hope Ferrell.

188 pages, Cloth with dust jacket, 11x8.5 horizontal format, b/w photos throughout with a few color photos.

"Smoke over the Bible Belt"

From the author's forward: "When it comes to railroads...I've always liked the remote, often run down and obscure. This tome covers many of these lines during the period just before WWII until the arrival of the diesel salesman or abandonment put an end to that order of steam and smoke.

"Over the years I had the privilege of traveling doem many twisting backwoods roads that led to the likes of Vinegar Bend, Jetsville, Conosauga and Bonhomie. Often, these trips were made with such fine friends and cameramen as the late Johnny Krause and H. Reid....

"Many of these [railroad] lines served a single industry, mine, quarry, cotton mill, town or sawmill. When this local industry failed, or the lumber and coal played out, these carriers simply "up and quit!" the few survivors opted for new 44 and 70-ton diesels sold by visiting salesmen from General Electric. Others were absorbed as a branch of a larger railroad, but most were abandoned in favor of highway transportation...or no transportation at all."