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Chama/Cumbres w a little Chili
Richard Dorman
R. D. Publications
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2006-11-19 22:19:30
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Chama / Cumbres
With a Little Chili


By Richard Dorman.

Cloth with dust jacket, 11x8.5" horizontal, 222 pages, new 3rd printing.

"Moving eastward, we examine the Chama area with its exciting engine facilities and structures. We go up the 4% grade to Cumbres Pass where an abundance of photographic studies allow us to visualize the intense activities occurring over the years. Then on to Antonito and south to Santa Fe on the fabulous Chili Line, where few photos gracxe the historic collections concerning this route.

"General Palmer may have missed the boat by not vigorously pursuing his intitial southerly plan. By making the San Juan extension the main line and foregoing the Santa Fe route as a major emphasis, he missed a population growth ten times that of southern Colorado. It is, however, easy for a historian to have insight into progress. Great effort has been involved in searching out fine old photos. Some, not so fine but noteworthy for content, have been included.

"This third book in Dick Dorman's Narrow Gauge Collection provides the railroad buff, historian and modeler with new photos not seen before."