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C&O/B&O Cabooses: Display & Private Owner Cars Vol 1
Dwight Jones
Dwight Jones
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2014-07-31 14:21:49
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C&O/B&O Cabooses

Display & Private Owner Cars - Vol 1

By Dwight Jones.

Softcover, 8.5x11", 80 glossy pages, color covers, b/w photos, drawings, caboose index. 2001.

"From 25 states and Canada the author has traveled thousands of miles to capture this collection of over 200 C&O and B&O Cabooses saved from scrap.

"If you ever have wondered what cabooses are used for once they left the ownership of the railroads, this book will answer your question. Cabooses in back yards, museum, used on scenic railroads, and much more. From basket cases to fully-restored cars, you'll see quite a variety of cabooses in this book, from wooden cars of the early 1900s up to the most modern cars of the 1980s."