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C&O/B&O Cabooses: Display and Private Owner Cars Vol 2
Dwight Jones
Dwight Jones
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2014-07-31 12:02:32
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C&O/B&O Cabooses

Display & Private Owner Cars - Vol 2

By Dwight Jones.

Softcover, 8.5x11", 80 glossy pages, color covers, b/w photos, drawings, caboose index. 2002.

"From 25 states and Canada the author has traveled thousands of miles to capture this collection of over 200 C&O and B&O Cabooses saved from scrap.

"205 photos showing many C&O, as well as B&O cabooses in private ownership on display at museums, parks, etc. Included is the C&O Historical Society's 90219 car and the 3168 fully restored Extended Cab car. Excellent reference for caboose fans."