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Railway Operation and Control
Joern Pachl
VTD Rail Publishing
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2006-10-24 21:04:57
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Railway Operation and Control

by Joern Pachl.

255 pages, 168 illustrations.

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  • "Railway operation involves much more than assembling cars and locomotives into trains and having someone drive them along the track. Railway Operation and Control is a comprehensive explanation of the behind-the-scenes work that makes the visible part of railroading possible.

    Railway operation in many countries is based upon practices developed in England, Germany, or North America. In Railway Operation and Control, Dr. Pachl explains the elements and methods of railway operation with attention to the differences in the systems.

    This will be a valuable resource for anyone who plans or manages railroad operation or wants to learn about this segment of the railway industry.

    Topics include:

    • Basic Terms of Railway Operation
    • Dynamics of Train Movements
    • Spacing Trains
    • Interlocking Principles
    • Capacity Research
    • Scheduling
    • Control of Railway Operation

    Prof. Dr. Joern Pachl is the director of Institute of Railway Systems Engineering and Traffic Safety at the Braunschweig Technical University. He is a member of the Association of German Railway Engineers and a fellow of the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers. Dr. Pachl is the author of a railway operations textbook, Systemtechnik des Schienenverkehrs, co-author of a railway operations encyclopedia, Leit und Sicherungstechnik im Bahnbetrieb, and co-author of a book on the privatization of the German railway system, Die Bahnreform, all published in Germany."

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