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Managing Railrd Transportation
Al Krug
VTD Rail Publishing
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2006-10-24 22:21:35
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Managing Railroad Transportation


By Al Krug.

255 pages, 85 illustrations.

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"Managing Railroad Transportation is the third volume in the series on railroad operation. The two volumes of Elements of Train Dispatching discuss railroad operation and transportation management from the point of view of the train dispatcher. Managing Railroad Transportation goes on to the next level, discussing control center management functions, once the domain of the chief dispatcher. Topics include:
  • Introduction
  • Organization
  • Traffic
  • Schedules
  • Communication
  • Crews
  • Equipment
  • The Road
  • Terminals
  • Maintenance of Way
  • Detours
  • Passenger Trains
  • Weather
  • Emergencies
  • Service Interruption

An understanding of train dynamics fundamentals (the interaction among grades, curves, tonnage, tractive effort, and horsepower) is essential to railroad transportation management. Al Krug has provided a chapter that covers this subject in a comprehensive and easy to understand manner.

Illustrations include diagrams and tables illustrating the concepts of traffic, crew, and equipment management..

The text includes a glossary of commonly used railroad terms."