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Tucson Was a Railroad Town
William D. Kalt III
VTD Rail Publishing
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2007-11-05 12:37:05
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Tucson Was a Railroad Town

The days of steam in the big burg on the main line

By William D. Kalt III.

8.5x11", softcover, 345 pages, index, photo index, oral history index, references, 400+ photos including several in color.

"Join award-winning author William Kalt for an exciting journey through the Age of Steam Locomotives in one southwestern railroad town.

"As much a part of Western lore as the American Cowboy, railroaders built towns like Tucson, Arizona across the West. Their special culture bred myths and legends that survive today in story and song. Jump aboard for a ride across an epoch now fifty years behind us.

" Using 400 never-before-published photographs and personal anecdotes, the book tells of the camaraderie, tragedy, human drama, heroic actions, and just plain hard work that characterized this historic era. "

Table of Contents

1 Fire in the Pueblo and Tucson's Renaissance of 1898

15 The Legend of Pay Car Curve and the Forward Thrust of a Railroad in a City on the Move

32 I'll Meet You in the Cornfield: The Tragic Train Wreck of 1903

45 A Railroad Is as a Railroad Does: Full Steam Ahead

64 Inventors, Wandering Willies, and Unique Souls: Something in the Desert Air

83 Colonel Epes Randolph: Dynamic Railroad Man of the Southwest

103 And the Beat Goes On: Rail Competition, Humanity, and World War I

121 The Shops: Throbbing Heart of a Mighty Railroad

143 Southern Pacific Political Punch: Power Across the Decades

160 Stallions of Steel: Firemen and Oil Burners on the Tucson Division

174 Oh, for the Life of an Engineer: Hoghead Heaven in the Arizona Desert

192 The Black Cavalry of Commerce: U.S. Mail, Ores, and Cattle

211 The Human Cargo and "Grape Trains": A Dangerous Job, that Railroading

235 The Eviscerous Octopus: Everybody's Workin' on the Railroad

256 On the Ground in the Tucson Division: Seniority, Nepotism, and Racist Realities

272 World War and Strong Women: A Different Tucson

288 The Day the Music Died: From "Ch, ch, ch, Boom!" to "Whrrr" in the Blink of an Eye

307 References

321 The Value of a dollar

321 Oral History Records

322 Index

333 Photo Index

334 About the Dixon Lunettes

335 About the Author