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Niernsee and Neilson, Architec
Randolph W. Chalfant, Charles Belfoure
Baltimore Architecture Foundat
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2006-09-23 18:57:48
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Niernsee and Neilson, Architects of Baltimore:

Two Careers on the Edge of the Future

by Randolph W. Chalfant, Charles Belfoure.

Softcover, 145 pages, 8.5x10.5"; many photos incl color plates section; appendices, index, bibliography.

"Austrain-born John rudolph Niernsee and American J. Crawford Neilson created Baltimore's first professionally organized architectural firm in 1848 Their building designs were equally innovative and influential.

"The Authors analyze the architecture, trace the firm's trajectory, and relate the dramatic story of its principals with verve and discernment."

"A fascinating and comprehensive account of the first major architechtural firm in Baltimore, this extensively illustrated and thoroughly documented book makes a significant contribution to our knowledge of mid-19th century American architechture. At the same time, it helps to fill in the picture of the rise of the profession in this country." -- Damie Stillman, Prof. emeritus of art history, Univ. of Delaware.