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Lingering Spirit Lost Places
John Bower
Studio Indiana
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2007-11-03 13:35:52
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Lingering Spirit

a photographic tribute to Indiana's fading, forlorn, and forgotten places

By John Bower.

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8.5x10", softcover, 144 pages, 200+ photos.

"Lingering Spirit contains over 200 stunning photographs by photographer John Bower. All the images are reproduced in beautiful duotones with a slight brown tint. All the photos in Lingering Spirit were taken in 10 southern Indiana counties; however, quite a few of the scenes are reminiscent of locales that could be found anywhere.

"As respected Indiana First Lady Judy O'Bannon writes in the Foreword, "the photographs in Lingering Spirit speak to us as a beacon, urging us to experience the essence of the human journey. This is a book of our story."

"The book includes forgotten and abandoned houses, barns, and vehicles that have outlived their usefulness--objects that lie dormant in much of Indiana's countryside. Although usually ignored, these remarkable relics still retain an energy--a part of the soul--of their makers and users. Now the power of these structures and possessions has been captured in powerful, expressive black-&-white photography."

Author John Bower of Studio Indiana says, "My photographs capture buildings, structures, vehicles, or pieces of machinery that are in various stages of disuse or abandonment--or have been long ignored.... When I'm shooting an abandoned church, a collapsing farmhouse, a rusting earth mover, an empty factory--I'm aware that these objects are memorials, tributes, and monuments to the lives they have influenced."

"This book project was made possible in part by the Indiana Arts Commission, a state agency, with funds from the Indiana General Assembly and the National Endowment for the Arts."