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Old Maud A Life And Times
Gregory P. Ames
On Track Publishers
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2006-05-09 14:04:59
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America's Pioneer Mallet

Old Maud - A Life & Times

By Gregory P. Ames.

Clothbound with dust jacket, 144 pages, 11x8.5 horizontal format, more than 150 photographs and illustrations in both black & white and color, appendices, biblography, index.

"In 1904 a dramatic, new locomotive was built at the Schenectady Works of the American Locomotive Company for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. It immediately went to the World’s Fair in St. Louis, where it became an instant star as the World’s Largest Locomotive.

"In the varied and interesting history of American motive power, few stories are as gripping as that of Old Maud, North America’s first Mallet locomotive. Once one of the most celebrated locomotives ever built, to many turn of the century Americans it was a household word. The B&O’s No. 2400 was talked about and written about perhaps more than any locomotive before or since.

"Old Maud, as a technological innovation, became a subject of intense rivalry between two giants of American industry – ALCO and the Baldwin Locomotive Works. This book contains not only the biography of Old Maud, but also the socio-economic environment of the turn of the century that promoted the locomotive’s fame and its affectionate nickname.

"Gregory Ames’ highly-researched saga spans Old Maud’s precedents, its birth and its undeserved demise to provide a wide-ranging perspective on this historic locomotive’s impact on 20th Century American railroad history."