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Santa Fe Steam Vol 14: Evolution of the Santa Fe 4-8-4
Jeff Ainsworth
Monte vista Publishing
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2016-04-05 00:00:00
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Santa Fe Steam Vol 14

Evolution of the Santa Fe 4-8-4

By Jeff Ainsworth.

Paperback, 11x8.5" horizontal format, 60 pages, 59 b/w photos, photo index. 2015.

"This book is a look at Santa Fe's 4-8-4 type locomotives and how each class 'evolved' throughout their careers.

"Most of the modifications were done to the first 4-8-4 class (the 3751 Class) beginning in 1927 with 3751 and finishing in 1929 with 3764. All 14 were delivered coal fired; 3764's delivery was delayed due to installation of Caprotti valve gear.

"In 1936 four units were converted to oil, and in 1938 additional oil tenders were delivered as inclusions in the 3765 class delivery when the remaining 10 class members were converted to oil.

"In 1941 came the 3776 class and more changes for the 3751 class. With WWII came the 2900 class engines - Santa Fe's final 4-8-4s. Starting in 1944, postwar changes and improvements 'modernized' these locomotives: stack extensions, drifting valves, roller bearings to mame a few of the additions.

"There is at least one photo of every preserved Santa Fe 4-8-4 included.

"The front cover is a photo of restored 3751 in action in 2011. On the back cover is a nice photo of 3759 on display in Kingman, Az."