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Sentimental Journey Canada
Ted Ferguson
Fitzhenry and Whiteside
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2007-04-11 23:11:09
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Sentimental Journey

An Oral History of Train Travel in Canada

By Ted Ferguson.

Softcover; 6 x 9, 254 pages, illustrated.

"The railway has been many things to a lot of different people: a lifeline, a party, an adventure. Although you may still be able to travel on a few of the trains featured in Sentimental Journey (the Newfie Bullet, the "Peg," the "Prince George Eventually") many live on only in the memories of railwaymen and passengers, holligans and honeymooners, young and old alike.

"Illustrated with many vintage and current photographs, Sentimental Journey brings to life, in nostalgic and entertaining oral history, the many faces of train travel in Canada. From the days when the dining cars were the ultimate in sophistication, advertised throughout North America and Europe, to memorable events of more recent times, such as the Mississauga derailment, Sentimental Journey is sure to delight anyone who has traveled, or has dreamed of travelling, on the famous trains of Canada."