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Milwaukee Road Power In Color Vol 2: Freight Covered Wagons and 2nd-Generation Roadswitche
Stephen M. Timko
Morning Sun
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2014-05-01 13:08:47
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Milwaukee Road Power In Color Vol 2

Freight Covered Wagons and Second-Generation Roadswitchers

By Stephen M. Timko.

Cloth with dust jacket, 8.5x11", 128 glossy pages, color photos throughout. 2014.

"Volume 2 covers the covered wagons built by EMD and FM as well as the second-generation roadswitchers that ushered in the 1960s. The Fairbanks-Morse C-Liners are featured as well as EMD’s F3s, F7s, -F9s, and FP7s. Roadswitchers include the Milwaukee-only SDL39 as well as a plethora of EMD GP and SD models. The GE products feature the U-boats - both the four and six-wheel variety."


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