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PRR Diesel Pict V9 ALCO GE Swi
Paul K Withers
Withers Publishing
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2005-06-16 10:02:24
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Pennsylvania Railroad Diesel Locomotive Pictorial Volume 9: ALCO & GE Switchers softbound, 8.5x11", b/w photos, rosters, area assingments, index, dispositions. "This book is the ninth in the series that documents the various types of diesel - electric locomotives operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad. Each Book includes a roster, area assignment, and specifications for each model covered. It is not a history of the development of each model by the manufacturer or a tracking of the happenings to each unit after merger with the New York Central... Changes within each model occurred virtually from order to order and sometimes from unit to unit as they progressed through production. Some were visible but many were internal and not detectable by viewing locomotives from the outside... The purpose of this series is to provide a selection of photographs to show the locomotives as an obeserver would see them in everyday service."