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Electro-Motive Divisionís Classic Cowl Units Color Pictorial
Sean Graham White
Four Ways West
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2005-03-13 10:49:48
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EMD Classic Cowl Units: Color laminated hardcover, 8.5x11", 136 pp. "With its request for a 'cowl' locomotive to replace aging streamlined passenger units, Santa Fe Railway resurrected streamlined locomotive designs from General Motor's Electro-Motive Division by requesting a new design which would better match the railroads streamlined passenger equipment. That design was the FP45. The design was successful enough to result in several permutations and additional sales to other railroads. A freight version was also built, the F45, which went to the Great Northern and, later the Burlington Northern. There were FP45's for the Milwaukee Road, Amtrak SDP40F's, EMD test units, and commuter F40C's. Specialty 'cowls' also included the SDP40F and F40C. These four models are considered the 'classic cowls'. A chapter on each owner of these cowls are presented plus appendices of locomotive specifications and diagrams and a cowl unit roster."