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Illinois Central Color Pictorial Vol 2: Cairo - New Orleans
Clifford J. Downey
Four Ways West
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2006-05-30 22:10:57
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Illinois Central Color Pictorial Volume 2

Cairo, IL to New Orleans

by Clifford J. Downey

128 pages, 100 lb coated paper, color laminated hardcover, 8.5x11".

From the author:

"The book is a pictorial look at the southern half of the IC system from the 1940s to the early 1970s. There are a handful of photos taken just after the IC- GM&O merger in 1972, but the vast majority were taken prior to the merger. The book is approximately 90% color, with the exception being about a dozen black & white photos taken at the Paducah shops during the 1950s.

"Considerable coverage is given to IC's steam fleet while still in revenue service on the Kentucky Division. There are additional steam shots taken at Jackson, MS, and New Orleans. First generation diesels in the original black scheme with the green diamond are well represented. A handful of Paducah rebuilt locomotives (in clean paint!) appear. One section takes a pictorial look at IC's colorful diesel roster. Including are several great shots of the rare C636s, U30Bs, and U33Cs.

"There is a section devoted to the Paducah shops and roundhouse during the 1950s and 1960s. Several of the photos were taken inside the shops, plus there are several great shots of active steamers being serviced next to the roundhouse.

"Fans of the now-abandoned Cadiz Railroad in western Kentucky (which connected with the IC) are in for a treat. Included in the book are several slides taken during a "farewell to steam" excursion in 1954 behind 0-6-0 205!

"A highlight of the book is a sub-chapter devoted to the last few weeks of IC steam operations around Paducah, Princeton, and Central City, during late 1959-early 1960. Included are several slides of Mountain 2613's round trip between Louisville and Paducah on May 24, 1960. This section will surely warm any IC steam fan's heart!

"Rounding out the book are chapters on IC's cab units and how IC railroaders carried out their tasks even during blizzards or floods . In addition to photos of IC's own E-units, there are several great shots of the F-units leased by IC in the late 1960s and early 1970s for service between Chicago and St. Louis.
Additionally, there are several photos of IC trains wading through an Iowa flood and IC steam in action during an Illinois blizzard. Even though these photos were taken north of the Mason-Dixon line, I'm certain that nearly any IC fan will be interested."

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