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Aviation Legacy of H & E Ford
Timothy J. O 'Callaghan
Proctor Publications
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2007-05-03 11:17:01
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The Aviation Legacy of Henry & Edsel Ford

By Timothy J. O 'Callaghan.

Cloth with dust jacket, 208 pages, over 160 photographs.

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"Henry Ford has been acclaimed in recent years for his contributions to business and industry during the 2Oth century. Among the most cited contributions were his introduction of the Model T, an automobile that the average man could afford; the application of the assembly line to automobile production; the introduction of the $5 day so his employees could buy what they built and other automotive related accomplishments. Rarely mentioned, however, is his and his son Edsel's, contribution to aviation.

"The Aviation Legacy of Henry & Edsel Ford is the story of Henry and Edsel Ford's contribution to aviation during a most critical period of its development.

"The fabulous Ford Tri-Motor, Henry Ford's tiny "Flivver" and the B - 24 Liberator, were all important milestones on the journey from the stick and fabric planes of World War I to the all-metal commercial airliners and mighty bombers of World War II ."

Timothy J. O' Callaghan retired from Ford Motor Company in 1990 after 40 years of service in various management positions with the Lincoln-Mercury and Ford Divisions' field sales offices. For the past fourteen years he has been a volunteer in the Research Center of the Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village working on their aviation records and photograph collection.

"With access to so many Ford documents he has published a number of articles on Ford aviation and Ford memorabilia. He is a frequent lecturer on Ford aviation and this is his second book on the subject.

"Tim is the winner of the Henry Ford Heritage Association's Friend of Ford Award. Tim and his wife Doris have four children, seven grandchildren and reside in Northville, Michigan.


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