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NYC Steam Harlem & Putnam Divi
Ed May, Richard L Stoving
TRP The Railroad Press
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2006-04-07 12:53:34
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New York Central Steam on the Harlem and Putnam Divisions

Photos from the collection of Ed May, Commentary by Richard L. Stoving

This exciting look at New York Central steam power features photographs from the collection of legendary photographer Ed May. You will find seventeen distinct classes of NYC steam locomotives taken between 1917 and 1952 printed from negatives produced by Edward L. May, F. Ray McKnight and many pre-1930 images from the Lavelle collection. In fact, most of the 79 beautiful b/w photographs in the book were taken before World War II. These photos are run large on the page so you can see all of the  details -- no "snapshots" here! There is also a map of the Harlem and Putnam Divisions inside. 

Softcover book, 56 pages, b/w, 8-1/2"x11," printed in the USA