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British Columbia Rwy to BC Rail: BC Rail Color Pictorial Series Vol 1, June 84 - Dec 87
Brian A. Elchlepp and Jeff Ainsworth
Monte vista Publishing
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2009-11-19 13:30:33
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British Columbia Rwy to BC Rail

BC Rail Color Pictorial Series Vol. One

June 1984 through December 1987

By Brian A. Elchlepp and Jeff Ainsworth.

Clothbound with full color dust jacket, 144 glossy pages, 12x9 oversize horizontal format, maps, rosters, history and commentary.

from the publisher:

"Most of the photos in this series will be action photographs using some of the most beautiful scenery in the world as a backdrop. The Action photos in this series will be one, large (11.5” wide x 7.5” tall) full color photo per page. There are several vertical format photos also, measuring (8.5” tall, these vertical images vary in width from 5.25” to about 6” wide). There are also some roster type photos that will be about 5.5” wide by about 3.75” tall all images are full color. Over 150 photos in all.

"Brian Elchlepp’s done a great job with the text, including a brief history BC Rail and its predecessors - Pacific Great Eastern and British Columbia Railway. There is also roster info - (class, builder, road number(s), build date, disposition during the period covered by each volume) for all included models. and detailed photo captions. Additionally, Jeff has drawn some maps to give the reader an idea of where stations are located and other interesting information along each subdivision providing a rough overview of the various subdivisions. Next to each map segment is the corresponding segment of the timetable. BC Rail began June 1984 and ended in July 2004

" All of your favorite ALCo/MLW models are represented. Including RS-3, RS-10, RS-18, C-420, C-425, M-420, M-420B, C-630M, M-630, M-630W S-13s. Also included are the two BC Rail deliveries of SD40-2s, as well as the ex-Kennecott Copper and Oneida & Western units."