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Rights of Trains 5th Edition
Peter Josserand
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2014-05-14 16:10:11
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Rights of Trains

by Peter Josserand.

Softcover, 459 pages, 5x7.5.

"In the late 1880's, the industry became conscious of the need for pooling their hard-won knowledge and experience to produce the best possible set of operating rules, to be made available to all roads. Much of this knowledge had arisen out of hazard which had resulted from inadequate rules.

"In this Fifth Edition, it has been the aim to set forth clearly the basic principles underlying the rules, and to show how the rules of various roads differ from the Standard Code and from each other.

Sections include:
• The Standard Code
• Operating Rules
• Block Signal Rules
• Interlocking Rules
• Signals and Their Use
• Superiority of Trains
• Train Movements
• Forms of Train Orders
• Centralized Traffic Control
• Special instructions to both Operators and Train Dispatcher