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Central Railroad of New Jersey Steam Locomotive Planbook: Postwar Power (circa 1945-1954)
Victor S. Roseman
Anthracite Railroads Historica
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2016-03-01 00:00:00
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Central Railroad of New Jersey Steam Locomotive Planbook

Postwar Power (circa 1945-1954)

By Victor Roseman, with photos from the D. A. Thompson collection.

Spiral bound paperback, plastic coated covers, 11x8.5" horizontal format, 110 pages. Second edition, 2015.

"This second edition opens flat on desk or worktable. There are diagrams, plans and related information along with photos of every class of CNJ locomotives operating in the post World War II period.

  • Photos selected to show both sides of each class of locomotives wherever possible.
  • Diagrams are in HO scale, and to preserve detail, erecting cards (shop drawings) have been reproduced in the largest possible size, 1:72 scale.
  • Lettering information on CNJ steam engines over the years is provided.
  • Map of the railroad.
  • Roster of steam motive power for December 1, 1945. 
  • Tenders are shown for each class including additional information where available.
  • Complete table of engine restrictions indicating which engines could have worked on specific lines or branches of the railroad."