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Southern Railway’s Diesel Locomotives & Trains 1960-1980
Curt Tillotson Jr
TLC Publishing
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2004-09-23 20:17:51
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Southern Railway's Diesel Locomotives & Trains 1950-1980 Volume 1: Hardbound, 112 pages, 170+ B&W and Color Photos. "Curt Tillotson takes a close and very personal look at the Southern Railway through his own photography from the 1960 - 1980 period, supplemented by others for earlier dates back to 1950. He looks at each and every class of SR diesel from beginning to end and fully illustrates them both with roster photos and with action pictures. About 90% of the book consists of excellent photos of trains at various locations across the Southern Railway System with extended, detailed captions, which give much background and history. The book is much in the style of Tillotson's earlier book from TLC Classic Steam Trains of the South (Still available here from

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