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On Railways Far Away
William D. Middleton
Indiana U Press
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2012-07-08 19:08:14
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On Railways Far Away

By William D. Middleton.

Cloth with dust jacket, 9.5x8.5 in. horizontal fromat, 312 pages, 280 b/w illustrations. 2012.

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"In this lavishly illustrated memoir, William D. Middleton invites readers to climb aboard and share with him 60 years of railroad tourism around the globe. Middleton’s award-winning photography has recorded events such as the final days of American Civil War locomotives in Morocco and the start up of the world’s first high-speed railway in Japan. He has photographed such great civil works as Scotland’s Firth of Forth Bridge and the splendid railway station at Haydarpasa on the Asian side of the Bosporus, while closer to home he has been recognized for his significant contribution to the photographic interpretation of North America’s railroading history. On Railways Far Away presents over 200 of Middleton’s favorite photographs and the personal stories behind the images. It is a book that will delight both armchair travelers and those for whom the railroads still hold romance.

"William D. Middleton (1928–2011) authored more than 20 books and hundreds of articles on rail transportation, engineering, and travel topics. He was editor (with George M. Smerk and Roberta L. Diehl) of Encyclopedia of North American Railroads (IUP, 2007) and author (with William D. Middleton III) of Frank Julian Sprague: Electrical Inventor & Engineer (IUP, 2009).

"Few American chroniclers of the international railroad scene have shown the versatility and insight of William D. Middleton. As an author and a photographer (not to mention a professional engineer), he demonstrated an uncanny ability to connect all the dots in railroading, from all corners of the world. In this book he does it with an inimitable personal touch." —Kevin P. Keefe, Publisher, Classic Trains magazine.