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Iowa Route, The: A History of the Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern Railway
Don L. Hofsommer
Indiana U Press
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2015-03-13 00:00:00
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The Iowa Route

A History of the Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern Railway

By Don L. Hofsommer.

Cloth with dust jacket, 8.5x11", 304 pages, 222 b/w illustrations, 8 tables. 2015.

"The Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern Railway was an important part of the commercial life of the upper Midwest during the age of railways. Don L. Hofsommer uses the BC&N as the vehicle for his investigation of the birth, evolution, and disappearance of an important regional carrier, offering an inside look at the struggles of a small railway to stay relevant while railroad empires were being built.

"More than a bit player, the BC&N might have become even more important had plans gone forward to utilize its rails in a campaign to reach the Pacific. The struggle of the Cedar Rapids road and its corporate ancestors to place Minneapolis–St. Paul and St. Louis in competition with Chicago via a north/south route forms a major part of the book's narrative, and the book also offers a history of the company's three-state service territory (Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota) from the dawn of the age of railways into the 20th century. The book includes more than 200 photographs selected from Hofsommer’s extensive library of historic photographs documenting the history of the BC&N Railway."

Table of Contents

1. A Grand Highway from St. Louis to St. Paul

2. The Grandest Railroad Project of the Age

3. Providence Helps Those Who Help Themselves

4. Dirt Began to Fly

5. Panic

6. A New Dawning

7. Palpably Invigorating Ozone

8. Flux

9. The Albert Lea Route

10. To the Pacific Coast by a Northwest Route?

11. On to Bismarck

12. The Favorite Albert Lea Route

13. The Heavy Hand of Regulation

14. Spirit Lake Country

15. Of Panic and Tramps

16. The Gay Nineties

17. Pulling and Hauling

18. To the Twin Cities

19. A Most Satisfactory Disposition