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James J. Hill's Legacy to Railway Operations
Earl J. Currie
Indiana U Press
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2015-08-11 00:00:00
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James J. Hill's Legacy to Railway Operations

By Earl J. Currie.

Softcover, 501 pages, 8.5x11". 2015.

"An examination of the standards, methods, and practices for railway operations that James J. Hill developed and applied so successfully for the Great Northern and other railways companies that he controlled. The Author compares the performance and quality of infrastructure of "Hill roads" to competitive railways and their successors to show how Hill's principles continue to form the core practices needed to run an efficient, well-disciplined railway operation even today.

"Earl J. Currie worked in the railway industry for 40 years in line management. He was head of the Operating Departments of two Class I US railways. He is author of Running a Railroad Right and Commitment to Safety."