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John W. Barriger III Railroad Legend
H Roger Grant
Indiana U Press
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2018-05-02 00:00:00
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John W. Barriger III

Railroad Legend

By H Roger Grant.

Cloth with dust jacket. 6x9 ", 244 pages, 46 b/w illustrations. 2018.

"In John W. Barriger III: Railroad Legend, historian H. Roger Grant details the fascinating life and impact of a transportation tycoon and "doctor of sick railroads."

"After graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, John W. Barriger III (1899–1976) started his career on the Pennsylvania Railroad as a rodman, shop hand, and then assistant yardmaster. His enthusiasm, tenacity, and lifelong passion for the industry propelled him professionally, culminating in leadership roles at Monon Railroad, Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad, Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad and the Boston and Maine Railroad. His legendary capability to save railroad corporations in peril earned him the nickname "doctor of sick railroads," and his impact was also felt far from the train tracks, as he successfully guided New Deal relief efforts for the Railroad Division of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation during the Depression and served in the Office of Defense Transportation during World War II.

"Featuring numerous personal photographs and interviews, John W. Barriger III is an intimate account of a railroad magnate and his role in transforming the transportation industry."

"H. Roger Grant is one of the world's leading authorities on transportation history and American railroads and has written more than 30 books, including Electric Interurbans and the American People, Railroaders without Borders, The Louisville, Cincinnati & Charleston Rail Road, and Railroads and the American People. He is Kathyrn and Calhoun Lemon Professor of History at Clemson University."