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Boomer: Railroad Memoirs
Linda Niemann; Introduction Leslie Silko
Indiana U Press
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2011-06-19 16:47:17
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Railroad Memoirs

By Linda Grant Niemann; Introduction by Leslie Marmon Silko.

Softcover, 6x9 in, 280 pages, 2011; orig. published U Cal Press 1994.

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  • "This classic account of self discovery and railroad life describes Linda Grant Niemann’s travels as an itinerant brakeman on the Southern Pacific. Boomer combines travelogue, Wild West adventure, sexual memoir, and closely observed ethnography.

    "A Berkeley Ph.D., Niemann turned her back on academia and set out to master the craft of railroad brakeman, beginning a journey of sexual and subcultural exploration and traveling down a path toward recovery from alcoholism. In honest, clean prose, Niemann treks off the beaten path and into the forgotten places along the rail lines, finding true American characters with colorful pasts—and her true self as well.

    "Makes the railroad experience come alive with all its grit, danger, romance, and general outrageousness. . . . Possibly the finest book I’ve ever read about the actual experience of working on the railroad." —Kevin Keefe, Trains Magazine

    Table of Contents

    Introduction to the Indiana edition by Leslie Marmon Silko
    1. Breaking In
    2. Under the Freeways
    3. Boomer in a Boom Town
    4. Brakettes Invade Tucson
    5. Pasadena Gothic
    6. The Monterey Local
    7. This is the Place
    8. Cadillac Ranch
    9. The Pass to the North
    10. Down the Line
    11. Versions of Home
    12. A Road to Ride
    13. Northline
    14. Shasta
    15. End of Track