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Civil War Railroads
George B Abdill
Indiana U Press
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2004-09-23 21:33:52
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Civil War Railroads: A Pictorial Story of the War Between the States, 1861—1865 Vintage photos of trains and the part they played in the Civil War. With more than 220 black-and-white photographs from the National Archives, the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution, and private collections across the country, Civil War Railroads is the essential pictorial guide for all those interested in the role of the Iron Horse in the American Civil War. The Civil War was not all gunfire and panic; it was supply and transport, trains and trouble on the line, men in blue and gray fighting against almost unbelievable odds with lumbering, wood-burning engines. Here are the actual scenes of the Iron Horse at war — a result of the conjunction of the 19th century's two new revolutionary technologies: railroads and photography. These remarkable photos, combined with George B. Abdill's renowned story-telling talent, result in a truly great book. Originally published in 1961, it has been out of print for decades — but because of advances in photograph-scanning technology, Indiana University Press is proud to be able to issue this new edition, in which the quality of the photographic reproduction is even higher than in the original.