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Little Trains to Faraway Places
Karl Zimmermann
Indiana U Press
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2010-07-09 08:17:33
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Little Trains to Faraway Places

By Karl Zimmermann.

Cloth with dust jacket, 224 pages, 125 color and 7 b/w illustrations, 8.5x11, isbn 9780253354471.

Adventures on the World's Narrow-Gauge Railways.

"A fine writer with a keen eye for descriptions of the odd corners of the world reached by these highwater marks of the railroad tide." —Francis H. Parker, co-author of Railroads of Indiana

"Karl Zimmermann’s observations will surely bring back memories to many readers, and his richly developed commentary on cultural and historical details will provide an exciting introduction for those who have never traveled to some of the faraway places described." —J. Parker Lamb, author of Evolution of the American Diesel Locomotive

"Narrow-gauge railroading conjures images of marginal track, wooden coaches, and antique steam locomotives. Yet consider the extraordinarily glamorous and comfortable South African Blue Train and Australia's Queenslander as well as the electrified network of meter-gauge mountain railways in Switzerland that run with a precision similar to that of the country’s famed timepieces. Often used to penetrate the most challenging and breathtaking terrain that larger trains are unable to reach, narrow-gauge railways offer even the most seasoned of travelers an experience to remember.

"Karl Zimmermann, railroad author and accomplished photographer, chronicles his journeys aboard these rarest of trains. Individual chapters weave history and travelogue, complemented by more than 100 color illustrations. The result is a spirited tribute to the world's most charismatic railways.

"Karl Zimmermann has been a contributor to the travel sections of various newspapers across the country, including the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post. He is author of The GrandLuxe Express.