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Grand Central Gateway to a Millon Lives
John Belle and Maxinne R. Leighton
W W Norton
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2004-10-17 12:14:06
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Grand Central: Gateway to a Million Lives

Cloth with dust jacket, 50 color & 100 b/w illustrations, 192 pages.

"This is the story of Grand Central Terminal in New York City, a remarkable and beautiful building whose birth, survival, and restoration reflect the critical role architecture plays in the expansion of our cities. It begins with the historic struggle to save Grand Central in the wake of the destruction of Penn Station and in the face of economic forces in the real estate industry that were intent on its demise. There follows a chronological history of the previous two stations on the site, the construction of the present building, text and photographs providing a fascinating first-hand account of the $400 million restoration, and the grand and anecdotal stories that involve the great building."