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Complete Book of North American Railroading, The
EuDaly Shafer Boyd Jessup McBride Glisch
Voyageur Press
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2009-10-05 14:42:44
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The Complete Book of North American Railroading

By Kevin EuDaly, Mike Schafer, Jim Boyd, Steve Jessup, Andrew McBride, Steve Glischinski.

Cloth with dust jacket,oversize 10.5x12, 352 pages, 400+ photos and illustrations.

"The year 1827 marked the completion of the United States' first railroad--and the beginning of a transformation of American life. This book, spanning nearly two centuries, offers an exhilarating tour of the railways' inroads into the economy, society, and culture of North America.

"Illustrated with more than 400 historical and modern photographs and period advertisements, The Complete Book of North American Railroading takes readers back to the birth of the railroads, then travels through the "Golden Age" from 1900 to 1950 and on to the railways of our day. Locomotives, from steam to electric and diesel; passenger travel; freight operations; and infrastructure, including stations, bridges, depots, roundhouse, railyards, and signaling are all thoroughly examined and amply illustrated.

"Authors Kevin EuDaly and Mike Schafer delve into the history, the culture, and the technology of the railroads as they have carried travelers across the continent, brought goods to market, connected businesses in peacetime and war, and enriched the canon of American folklore and the quality of everyday life."