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L&N Railroad in the Civil War: A Vital North-South Link and the Struggle to Control It
Dan Lee
McFarland Publishing
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2011-06-03 15:07:21
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The L&N Railroad in the Civil War

A Vital North-South Link and the Struggle to Control It

By Dan Lee.

Softcover 6x9, 224pages, 6 photos, map, notes, bibliography, index. 2011.

"The Louisville & Nashville Railroad was completed just as the first salvos of the Civil War erupted. As one of the few railroads linking the North and South, the L&N was valuable to both the Union and the Confederacy. Consequently, its route became a fiercely contested corridor of fire and blood.

"This history recounts the numerous military events along the L&N in the years 1861 through 1865, and also examines the still-resonant theme of the relationship between a major corporation and the government during a time of national crisis.

"Dan Lee has degrees in history from Murray State University and Western Kentucky University. He lives in Hardin County, Kentucky."