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Erie Lack Death of an Am RR
H Roger Grant
Stanford Univ Press
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2004-09-22 21:13:58
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Erie Lackawanna: The Death of an American Railroad, 1938-1992 Cloth with dust jacket (also available in paper), 7x10", 308 pp, illus. "This important work is based on a mass of new material uncovered by the author, notably extensive oral histories. He skillfully integrates this new information into the story of the Erie Lackawanna's lingering death, filling in a good many gaps and bringing the importance of personalities in the corporate world into play. In the process, he explains the plight of all eastern railroads. Since Grant writes with clarity and flow, the book is a 'good read."-James A. Ward, University of Tennessee "Written in a style that pulls the reader along like a Tom Clancy novel, this book offers a management-level view of the failed struggles of two major railroads to survive. Because this was such a crucial era in American railroading, Grant's account offers a useful vantage point from which to view all North American railroads during that period. . . . This is an account that pulls no punches."-Railfan and Railroad "The definitive history of the Erie Lackawanna."-Library Journal "Not merely a pleasure to read, this is an outstanding study of the railroad industry. . . . Grant clearly describes the realities within which railroads operate and to which they must respond."-Choice