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Milwaukee Road Remembered
Jim Scribbins
Minnesota U Press
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2010-03-18 19:49:12
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Milwaukee Road Remembered

By Jim Scribbins.

Softcover, 168 pages, 191 b&w photos, 10 color photos,11x8.5 horizontal format.

"Relive the heyday of the Milwaukee Road in this fond look back.

"The Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific was a railroad with a big personality. For a time it offered the world’s fastest steam-powered passenger trains. Extending from Indiana to Puget Sound, it crossed five mountain ranges in Montana, Idaho, and Washington. It was also the first railroad to prove the feasibility of long distance movement of heavy trains by electricity. All-welded freight and passenger cars were pioneered in its shops, and Milwaukee Road mechanical engineers planned the first streamlined steam locomotives intended for sustained 100 mph speeds. In Milwaukee Road Remembered eminent railway historian Jim Scribbins provides a richly illustrated history of the unique challenges and successes of this storied railroad.

“Jim Scribbins has firsthand knowledge of the history and operations of the line, and he is also an excellent writer and photographer.” - Railway & Locomotive Historical Society

“The Milwaukee Road was a genuinely innovative railroad, and the author makes this point clear.” - Wisconsin Magazine of History

“If you ever wondered why the Twin Cities are covered with train tracks, you will want to check out Milwaukee Road Remembered. This is a highly academic read - but even for the casual reader, the pictures alone are worth paging through.” - Twin Cities Daily Planet

Jim Scribbins had a lifetime career at the Milwaukee Road and is the author of several books including The 400 Story and The Hiawatha Story, both available here. He lives in West Bend, Wisconsin."


Why Remember the Milwaukee Road?
A Brief History of the Milwaukee Road
The Hiawathas
Other Name Trains of the Milwaukee Road
Motor Cars
The Colorful Milwaukee Road
City Ticket Offices
Dining Cars
Observation Cars
Steam Freight Trains
Electric Freight Trains
Diesel Freight Trains
Glossary and Gazetteer