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Wire Devils, The: A classic railroading adventure mystery
Frank L Packard
Minnesota U Press
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2013-07-29 11:52:59
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The Wire Devils

By Frank L. Packard.

Softcover, 336 pages, 5 x 7 1/2. 2013.

A classic railroading adventure mystery set in a world of train robbers, tapped wires, and secret codes.

"Best known for his Jimmie Dale series of books, which have sold more than 3 million copies worldwide, Frank L. Packard first published The Wire Devils in 1918. A “wire thriller” that uses the booming railroads and telegraph lines of the old West as its backdrop for fast-paced adventure, The Wire Devils follows a criminal gang of the same name who hijack a railroad’s telegraph lines to glean information about profitable shipments. But foiling them again and again is the Hawk, the outlaw hero who robs from the robbers and is ultimately on the side of law and order.

"Combining elements from dime-store novels and Packard’s own experience on the rails, The Wire Devils is at once a hybrid western and a thriller still worth reading nearly a century after it was written.

Ingenious . . . Contains twists and exciting moments in sufficient number to make it an agreeable companion with which to pass a couple of idle evenings.
— New York Times